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Celtic Cultures - Hallstatt and La Tene

Celtic Cultures - Hallstatt and La TeneCeltic cultures come in many forms. Two of the most studied are named after the sites in Central Europe where the largest finds were discovered. These two sites, La Tene and Hallstatt, are looked at here - with an introduction to what they can tell us about Celtic culture in the early Iron Age.

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Celtic Castles - Maiden Castle

Celtic Castles - Maiden CastleMaiden Castle, home of the Durotriges tribe until the Romans invaded, is the biggest Iron Age hill fort in Britain. Here you can read a short background to the site and see some breathtaking photographs. There are images showing the main entry points to the castle and these lead to larger versions. Please note: This page may take some time to load.

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Julius Caesars Campaigns Against the British

Julius Caesars Campaigns Against the BritishThis very short article outlines the two major campaigns Julius Caesar waged against the British isles and the people living there. The first was in 55 B.C. and the second the next year, 54 B.C.

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The Cattle Raid of Cooley

The Cattle Raid of CooleyA tale from the celtic myths about one of Cuchulain's early battles. It centres around a hobby that was common for celts - raiding cattle from other tribes.

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Celtic Mythology

Celtic MythologyAn introduction to characters from Celtic myths. The stories are from Ireland and Wales and are about Celtic gods and goddesses, heroes, giants and animals.

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Celtic Timeline

Celtic TimelineCeltic tribes can be identified throughout Europe, from the early Bronze Age on. The timeline traces the main stages of development to the Roman era.

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Who Were The Celts

Who Were The CeltsToday, people frequently use the phrase "Celt" or "Celtic" to mean a variety of different things. This article looks at who the Celts actually were, where they came from and sets out to describe the group of people this site will refer to as "Celts."

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