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Maiden Castle - Romano Celtic Temple dating approx AD400

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As part of the Etrusia British History Site, the Celtic World subdomain will look at the origins and history of the Celtic Peoples. Ranging from the proto-Celtic bronze age societies that spread out of central Europe to the last strongholds of the ancient culture today; this site will look at how the Celtic people have explored and expanded and adapted to the world around them.

This site is undergoing large scale, offline, development but it is planned to have reached version 1.0 by 1 Jan 07. If you have any articles or information you would like to submit for publishing here please contact us and let us know.

The Celts

During their travels around Europe and eastern Asia, the Celts were known by a variety of names, all adding to the confusion around their origins. In the Odyssey (c.800 BC), Homer makes a reference to the "Cimmerians" as living somewhere north nest of Greece, which may well be an early reference to the proto-Celtic Urnfield culture.

By 435 BC Herodotus wrote in his Histories of the Celts living along the River Rhône and beyond the "Pillars of Hercules" (Gibraltar). At this point, the Celts were truly the dominant European culture.

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